Gluten-free seasonings

Wixon Inc. now offers gluten-free seasonings and mixes. The raw materials are sourced from qualified vendor partners that provide a gluten-free Statement of Assurance. Wixon says its segregated blending suites and operations handling prevent cross-contamination. Blends are tested to confirm gluten-free status and validate the company’s gluten-free procedures. Gluten-free raw materials and ingredients are also stored in segregated areas. New products include Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie Mix, Gluten-Free Honey Butter Corn Bread Mix, Gluten-Free Seasoned Pizza Crust Mix and Gluten-Free Vanilla Muffin Mix.

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Flax protein powder

Glanbia Nutritionals’ LinPro 140 flax protein powder can be used in a range of applications, including bars and clusters. The natural, allergen-free ingredient contains Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidant lignans, has a low glycemic index and is vegetarian and free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Its clean flavor profile and non-gritty mouthfeel help bars maintain a soft texture throughout their shelf life.

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Cost-reduction calculator

Ingredion Inc. launches an online cost-reduction calculator for the baking industry. The calculator demonstrates specific cost savings when reducing a percentage of fat in a baking system and replacing it with Homecraft Create 765 functional flour, which can be used in many types of products, from quick breads and cakes to cookies and brownies. The product is also a clean label solution that’s said not to require changing the ingredient listing, as it’s simply labeled “wheat flour.”

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Liquid sponge

Sapore RTU Sponge from Puratos is a concentrated liquid sponge that can be used to replace a sponge and dough method or poolish process without changing the taste and texture of breads and buns. The product also increases dough extensibility and machinability, improves crumb structure and enhances freshness and shelf life, according to the company. In addition, Sapore RTU Sponge can also be added on top of any recipe to provide the same characteristics as a traditional sponge. It is available in a 22-lb. bag-in-box and 2,200-lb. totes.

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Whey replacement

Agropur Ingredients introduces Crinolac DPS Brownie Base, a sweet whey replacement for brownie formulations. According to the company, the base helpsreduce sodium levels, improves moisture retention and crumb structure, and enhances browning characteristics. Because it can be used to replace whey powder on a 1-to-1 ratio, Crinolac DPS Brownie Base can also help manufacturers reduce their ingredient costs, the company reports.

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Dairy seasoning

Land O’Lakes Ingredients introduces Green Chile Queso to its line of dairy seasonings. Green chile, garlic and onion melt into cheese seasoned with tomato, white pepper, chili powder and jalapenos. The tangy kick will bring customers back for more. Land O’Lakes Ingredients partners with customers to develop a wide variety of popular flavors for a range of snack applications.

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