Powdered caramel color

Sethness Products Co. says its P600 low-sulfite, powdered caramel color is 30% darker than its darkest low-sulfite, powdered caramel color (P450). It’s positively charged with no sulfite reactants and is greater in strength, requiring lower usage levels and less inventory, the company reports. Label-friendly, it also offers greater color intensity, while helping food formulators to stay below the FDA labeling sulfite threshold of 10 ppm. P600 can be used in a variety of applications, including baked goods, cocoa extenders, spice blends and cereals.

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Hunger suppressant 

Ingredion Inc. says its WEIGHTAIN proprietary, whole-grain-based, weight-management system has been shown in clinical studies to suppress hunger. By suppressing the hunger urge, the satiety ingredient can reduce daily calorie intake by about 50 to 100 calories. The naturally based, gluten-free solution will enable food manufacturers to create a range of on-trend weight-management products that will assist people with calorie reduction, according to the company. Possible applications include low-moisture baked goods, such as bars, smoothies and soups.

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Frozen dough solutions

AB Mauri North America introduces Arctic Frozen Dough Solutions, a complete range of high-performance, functional ingredients for artisan and industrial frozen dough and pastry production. The Arctic portfolio comprises Arctic 75 C, a frozen dough conditioner with an advanced enzyme oxidant system designed

 specifically for frozen bread and bun dough; Arctic CL, a clean-label frozen dough conditioner with an advanced enzyme oxidant system, designed specifically for frozen dough produced without additives such as emulsifiers or chemical oxidizers; and Arctic Pastry, a clean label frozen dough conditioner with an advanced enzyme oxidant system designed specifically for clean label frozen laminate dough, such as croissants or Danish, produced without additives such as emulsifiers or chemical oxidizers.

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Edible glitter

Sure to delight people of all ages, Watson Inc.’s Edible Glitter can be used on snack chips, popcorn, cookies, crackers, baked foods, frostings, coatings and more. Several forms are available: Colored, numerous colors as well as clear, gold and rainbow blends; Flavored, from fruit flavors to cheese and jalapeno; Metallic, in various shapes and colors; and Pearlescent and Metallic shapes, such as crescents, hearts, hexagons, sequins, stars and trees. Edible Glitter is kosher-certified and can be heated up to 450 deg. F without browning or burning. It’s also stable for frozen food products. Sizes range from 50 mesh to ¼ in.

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Defatted wheat germ

Horizon Milling LLC’s new defatted wheat germ can help bakers and snack manufacturers meet today’s demands for full-flavor, grain-based foods that are rich in protein and fiber. The ingredient offers more than 25% protein, approximately 15% fiber and numerous vitamins and minerals. Produced when the oil is extracted from raw wheat germ, the defatted wheat germ is shelf-stable and available in a range of colors, from light tan to dark brown. It can be used bagels, breads, cereals, cookies, crackers, donuts, granola mixes, pretzels, snack bars and tortillas.

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Cooked ancient grains

Corbion introduces Hydrated Ancient Grains, a blend of healthy grains and seeds, to meet growing consumer demand for less processed foods. The blend contains protein-rich amaranth, quinoa and chia, which are hydrated and cooked (soaked), thus pairing the convenience of soaked grains with the ancient grain revolution. The blend can be used in and on top of current bread formulas and deliver an excellent finished product, appearance and flavor, according to the company.

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