X-ray inspection system

The Eagle Pack 550 PRO x-ray inspection system from Eagle Product Inspection is designed for midsize to large operations that bulk-pack food items. The system identifies and removes foreign bodies that might contaminate food during production, including small glass shards, stones, rubber, plastics or metal parts. Features include an enhanced graphical interface, high-speed imaging, increased contaminant detection for difficult product applications, on-screen self-diagnostics, multi-lane and multi-view capabilities and dynamic belt adjustments. The technology also can count components, check seal integrity, measure mass and assess fill levels and gives operators the option to integrate Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology.

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Food-handling robots

Yaskawa Motoman’s five-axis MPK2F and MPK2F-5 robots with a dynamic FS100 controller are intended for food handling, picking and packing and other high-speed, material-handling applications. The MPK2 robot features an IP67 rating that permits washdown, even with certain caustic chemicals; a hollow arm design that allows cables and hoses to be run internally throughout the entire robot; and a slim arm design and internal cabling that enable the MPK2 robot to reach into confined spaces. The MPK2F-5 robot’s 4.4-lb. payload increases to 11 lb. for applications where the T-axis is used parallel to the floor (wrist-down). Both models have a 64-in. vertical reach and a 35.4-in. horizontal reach and can be floor-, ceiling- or wall-mounted.

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Swirl station




Automatic swirlers reduce labor and improve product appearance and quality when producing marbled or swirled cakes and sweet goods, according to Hinds-Bock Corp. The swirl station mounts to an indexing conveyor downstream of a second batter depositor and dives rotating, fluted, swirling blades into the cake pans. The rotating blades oscillate around a pan to swirl two flavors together. The rotation speed, dive depth and swirling duration are adjustable to control appearance and swirling depth. A catch pan shuttles under the blades when retracted; each blade retracts into a special housing and spins at high speed to prevent product buildup.

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Mixer enhancements

Charles Ross & Son Co. announces new developments to its line of high-shear mixers with Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) technology. Designed for high-speed and high-volume mixing requirements, the SLIM is a unique rotor/stator device capable of injecting powders directly into a fast-moving liquid stream without the need for an eductor or pump. Now available for these mixers is a special hopper that promotes improved flow of various solids for more efficient induction to the mix chamber. It features multiple ports to accommodate air pulse devices. Another new option is a pneumatically-actuated ball valve for precise modulation of the powder injection rate.

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The VAC-U-MAX flexible screw conveyor from VAC-U-Max Group conveys product from bulk bag unloaders, bag-dump stations and storage vessels. Available in a range of sizes, it typically transfers product over distances of up to 40 ft., at rates to 10 tons per hour for materials having a bulk density of 40 lb. per cu. ft. Typical applications include refilling packaging machine hoppers and metered feed into mixing tanks. The conveyor complements the company’s existing pneumatic and mechanical conveyors.

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Cake pop container

The square CakeShooter is designed for a full serving of cake, says CakeShooters Inc. Because it has corners, the square container produces treats that are 35% bigger than those made by round, push-up containers. Sold empty, the square CakeShooter can be used by bakers, caterers and others to create an almost limitless variety of products. It’s made in the U.S. from food-grade plastic.

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