Tampa, FL, May 2014 – A new white paper from METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection details the five critical steps to follow to ensure optimum inspection of food products before they leave your facility and enter commerce. The paper is available for free download from the MT web site.


 The need to equip food processing lines with top-quality product inspection equipment is more pressing than ever before. Tightened regulatory standards and heightened consumer awareness require that food manufacturers take all measures necessary to protect both customers and their brand reputation As a result, many are using product inspection tools to provide confidence that the products coming off the production line are as safe for consumers as they can possibly be.


This white paper will explain the five steps to using that inspection equipment to optimum advantage. The steps include understanding the regulations pertinent to your products, thoroughly knowing your products, increasing your employees’ risk awareness, optimizing your productivity and relying on experts to lead you to the most effective and cost-efficient solutions.


About METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection Group
The METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection Group, consisting of CI-Vision, Hi-Speed and Safeline, is the world’s leading supplier of in-line checkweighers, metal detectors, machine vision systems and X-ray inspection systems. The Group is a division of Mettler-Toledo Inc., a global supplier of precision instruments with sales and service locations in 37 countries. METTLER TOLEDO product inspection systems are used by manufacturers in many industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, personal care, plastics and chemicals, to ensure the total quality of their products and improve the efficiency of their manufacturing and packaging processes.