Ross Mixers are now offered with HMI and SCADA Packages for data entry and recipe selection from a color touchscreen. The PLC Control Panel supplied for full mixing, heating and vacuum control maximizes a machine’s overall productivity by significantly improving batch-to-batch consistency and reducing operator errors while accelerating product changeovers. It also enables automatic data logging into a CSV or Excel file format with time and date stamp.

Pictured are 200-gallon Double Planetary Mixers equipped with High Viscosity (“HV”) Blades (US Patent No. 6,652,137). Designed to rotate on their own axes while orbiting the vessel on a common axis, these helical blades are ideal for blending granulations and drying powders, as well as batching heavy pastes, gels and dough-like materials as high as 6 million centipoise (cP). The mixer’s robust processing capability is greatly enhanced with the use of recipe controls which transforms the entire mixing/discharge/cleaning cycle into an automated, simplified process with a very high degree of repeatability. The standard module allows users to write up to 10 recipes each with 10 process sequences based on agitator speed, time, temperature and vacuum/pressure level set points. A programmable pause can be built into any step in order to load raw materials, take samples or perform other activities. Other configurations (i.e. 20 recipes using 40 steps) can be supplied as well.

Ross SysCon, the controls division of Charles Ross & Son Company, designs and builds PLC-based recipe driven systems for all other Ross equipment including Ribbon Blenders, Vertical Blenders, Tumble Blenders, High Shear Mixers, Planetary Dispersers, Multi-Shaft Mixer/Reactors and Pumping Skid Packages. To request a quotation or to speak with a Ross mixing specialist about your application, call 1-800-243-ROSS(7677).



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