The popular chocolate chips used in baking cookies and many other inspired treats, Nestlé’s Toll House brand chocolate morsels continue to bake up memories in kitchens across America

This year, Nestlé Toll House brand is celebrating 75 years of the chocolate bit that dropped its way into the kitchens and memories of American families everywhere – the Nestlé Toll House Real Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsel.

The famous chocolate morsel chips begins got their start from chocolate chip cookie inventor Ruth Wakefield, who ran the successful Toll House restaurant in Whitman, MA. Wakefield was baking a batch of Butter Drop Do cookies, a recipe dating back to colonial times, when she broke a bar of Nestlé semi-sweet chocolate into tiny pieces, and added them to the dough, expecting to create a chocolate cookie. Instead, the semi-sweet bits held their shape, and softened into a delicate creamy texture. Wakefield's "Toll House Crunch Cookie" recipe was published in a Boston newspaper and quickly became the trending cookie recipe everyone was baking.

"Ruth Wakefield's unexpected discovery and invention of the chocolate chip cookie, the most popular cookie of all-time, is central to the tradition and heritage of the Nestlé® Toll House® brand," says Al Multari, president of the Baking Division at Nestlé, Solon, OH. "A baking innovator from the start, Nestlé® Toll House® products have inspired home bakers for 75 years, and that's just the beginning of its chocolate baking legacy."

Looking forward, the company is focusing on the future of chocolate baking with two new product introductions, Nestlé Toll House DelightFulls Filled Baking Morsels and Nestlé Toll House Frozen Cookie Dough. More information is available at