Access to just the right information can catalyze manufacturers’ ability to quickly and effectively meet operational business needs as they arise. It’s the linchpin of efficiency in today’s ultracompetitive marketplace, the secret sauce of success.

This information includes the ingredients, equipment, technology and other core necessities that Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery discusses in every issue. And each year, in the Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Buyer’s Guide, our team puts forth a truly definitive and information-packed issue. This Buyer’s Guide gathers together the supply-chain companies available to manufacturers across the snack and bakery industries—and the products they offer to help meet and surpass business goals. These resources stretch across procurement of nearly every ingredient a snack or bakery formula might dictate, equipment needs spanning across all plant operations, imperative food-safety resources, end-of-line efficiencies and packaging, warehouse and distribution logistics needs, and technological tools to streamline operations across the board—almost everything a snack producer or bakery might need to innovate, formulate, produce, process and package finished snack products and baked goods for the nation and beyond.

Information is power, and that maxim extends into the snack food and bakery resources generated by our supporting industry associations,―resources snack producers and bakeries tap throughout the year to stay on top of industry developments, refine best practices, discover new ingredient and equipment resources, take ongoing steps in workforce development and education, gain insight into current best practices for sanitary design and food safety, and much more. To that end, we continually reach out to our association partners, each of which is noted in these pages, to provide a thorough listing of their planned events slated to take place throughout the coming year within the pages of the Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Buyer’s Guide.

Of course, the snack and bakery industries never stop moving, and that’s where the online home to the Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Buyer’s Guide, at, steps into the picture. The online Buyer’s Guide sees continual additions, updates and refinements throughout the year as new resources become available. Visitors to this free online guide can navigate listings for ingredients, equipment, packaging, technology, services, logistics solutions and more via categorized subject matter—each of which features progressively refined categories of incrementally increased detail—or simply by using the speedy search feature to scour all listings for specific needs.

Over the past year—as part of our ongoing outreach to the industry—we’ve also developed new, dedicated pages on the Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery website for our association partners, available at, that serve as continually updated resources, reflecting their important developments related to live events, news, contact information, videos and more.

Also, in order to continue to develop new tools to improve day-to-day snack and bakery business efficiencies and needs, we’ve recently taken steps toward incorporating an exciting new aspect of the Buyer’s Guide into the Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery app, available for free download at This new resource will be an industry first, and stems from feedback and what we’ve seen as significant demand across both bakery and snack. Watch for an announcement on this groundbreaking development to hit the news soon.

May this vital resource ably guide you along your pathway toward snack food and bakery success over the coming year.