Company: RoboLabs


Equipment Snapshot: Vortex Popcorn machines Robopop are designed on the basis of a new patented technology, due to which corn is rapidly heated, popped and vortexed away from the hot zone immediately after popping.

Popcorn kernels are evenly distributed over the parabolic bottom of the machine internal chamber. The vortex of hot air flow inside the chamber provides constant corn rotation around the chamber axis and its simultaneous agitation. This process provides fast and uniform popcorn kernels heating and immediate popping. Vortex air stream inside the chamber instantly withdraws popped corn from the hot zone profoundly improving popcorn taste and quality.

By implementing vortex technology we’ve made Robopop machines absolutely different from other hot air poppers. In Robopop® popped kernels are immediately taken away from the hot zone by vortex air stream.

Robopop machines are designed on the basis of a new patented technology, protected by EU and US patents and have no analogy in international market. The equipment currently operates in Russia, Italy, United States, Mexico, Vietnam, China, Emirates, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and other countries, and Robopop machines are installed in major Russian movie chains, such as Karo, Formula Kino, Luxor, Kinomax and others.