Company: Roquette


Ingredient Spotlight: Roquette recently introduced NUTRALYS T70S. This new 100% plant-based new texturizing protein ingredient is made exclusively from yellow pea. NUTRALYS T70S has a neutral taste and color, allowing a variety of meat substitutes with different flavors, colors and outstanding sensory performance. The ingredient delivers a unique meaty texture and versatile use that can be adapted to different types of meat substitutes (e.g. burger, chicken breast, sausage, and is a nutritionally balanced source of protein (70%) that is gluten- and soy-free, and contains no products of animal origin. The fibrous texture of this extruded ingredient becomes evident after it is rehydrated. When not ground or minced, the ingredient makes it possible to simulate pieces of meat. Beyond its unique functionalities, NUTRALYS T70S meets an increasingly strong market demand for allergen control.