Over 200 BEMA member companies will exhibit at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) this year, giving you the opportunity to meet with innovators in equipment, plant and process design, and ingredients. As the leading association for bakery equipment, ingredient and solution providers in North America, BEMA creates opportunities for our members to invest in and strengthen the industry.

BEMA adds value to the industry through: BEMA-U training for sanitary design, leadership, sales, and train the trainer; the Baking Industry Form and other insights; unique and valuable networking venues; scholarships for advanced degrees and training; and opportunities to exhibit at international tradeshows.

Because of the services BEMA provides and the connections we create, our members are able to: design better, cleaner, more-efficient equipment; develop and sustain internal training programs; develop talent in sales and management; grow more informed about the industry; compete in the global market; and work together to create unique solutions for customers.

IBIE is one of the most-significant ways BEMA adds value to our industry. Together with ABA and many other associations, we create a venue that brings the global baking industry together. IBIE continues to grow in the ways it presents innovation, how it educates the industry and how it brings people together both on and off the show floor.

When you plan your time at IBIE, we encourage you to seek out BEMA members for equipment, ingredient and plant/process innovations on the show floor. The mutual investment between BEMA and its members will pay off for you. BEMA. Value added.