Company: Nature's Path

Introduced: Will be released February/March 2017

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.99 (box of eight biscuits)

Product Snapshot: Nature’s Path, the largest organic cereal brand in North America, is launching the industry’s first organic and Non-GMO breakfast biscuits to provide consumers with a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of a wholesome, organic breakfast while on the go.

The breakfast category is growing – breakfast products constitute the three fastest-growing categories in the grocery sector – but it’s also changing. Twenty-eight percent of consumers usually eat breakfast away from home and 57 percent look to breakfast to help provide fuel for the morning, Sunrise Breakfast Biscuits fit the lifestyle needs of today’s busy consumer who is looking for a convenient way to enjoy a nutritious, energy-filled, portable breakfast while on the go.

“The lines defining what constitutes breakfast food are blurring as more and more people are choosing to eat their morning meal on the go; items like granola and cereal are being consumed at all times of the day,” said Arjan Stephens, Nature’s Path executive vice president of sales and marketing. “Nature’s Path prides itself in developing innovative products that meet consumers changing lifestyles, so we created the Sunrise Breakfast Biscuits to provide a fresh way to enjoy a healthy, organic, on-the-go breakfast.”

Sunrise Breakfast Biscuits are made of a nutritious mix of organic oats, ancient grains, dried fruit and superseeds such as chia and hemp to provide consumers with the lasting energy to get through the day.

Available in three delicious and popular flavors – Touch of Honey & Chia, Blueberry & Chia, and Dark Chocolate & Coconut – the Sunrise Breakfast Biscuits are packed with 20 grams of whole grains, 4 grams of fiber and 4-5 grams of protein per serving. Hitting store shelves in early 2017, the MSRP for a box of eight biscuit sachets (each sachet contains two biscuits) is $3.99.