Company: Ingredion


Ingredient Snapshot: Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, announced six additions to its PRECISA Crisp line of functional starch texturizers for the snack industry. 

The PRECISA Crisp series of snack texturizers allows manufacturers to create baked snacks with enhanced textures, optimal expansion and reduced breakage to further enable the development of healthier snack options that provide a satisfying textural and eating experience.

The new series of starches offer differentiated functionality, providing manufacturers with a number of solutions to address varying formulation and process needs. In processing, the texturizers help create dough that is more cohesive and easy to sheet, while managing hydration and stickiness. The series of texturizers also provides a range of expansion and textures in snacks – from light and crispy to hard and crunchy, allowing developers to create unique and differentiated snacks.

“With more consumers around the world clamoring for healthier baked snacks, we wanted to help manufacturers seize the opportunity creating textures that appeal to more consumers,” said Marco Villone, Ingredion’s vice president of marketing, U.S. and Canada. “The new series of PRECISA Crisp texturizers allows manufacturers to dial-in desired texture, from “soft” and “snapping” to “hard” and “shattering”.

PRECISA Crisp functional starches can be used to formulate a variety of snacks like potato chips, crackers and tortilla chips. They are offered in a wide number of base materials from corn, tapioca, potato and sago that each provides unique features and benefits.