Company: Triangle Package Machinery Company


Equipment Snapshot: While changeovers on Triangle’s Flex 1 Cartoner were already a quick and simple process, the addition of an optional, push-button changeover feature has made things even easier. Key benefits offered by the new automatic changeover feature include faster start-up, improved OEE, and repeatability. Customers can enter a pre-set recipe for each carton size and then return to that size with just the push of a button on the HMI. A red or green light will indicate to the operator that the adjustments are in the correct position to run the desired carton size. It also simplifies the process of changing operators or other staff.

The new feature allows operators to automatically change anything inside the guarding with just the push of a button. And, no change parts are required for adjustments within a 120 mm range. In addition, the Flex 1 Cartoner offers a better carton loading mechanism that improves efficiency, as well as improved production and a compact foorpint (10‘ x 8‘8“). The Flex 1 is designed to load single-, twin-, or triple-packages at speeds up to 100 cartons per minute.

Finally, the Flex 1 offers additional benefits over traditional horizontal cartoners, including:

  • Gentle product handling;
  • Elimination of the barrel-loader assembly for reduced complexity, lower maintenance, and reduced product breakage;
  • Extended production runs with an optional extended carton magazine that holds up to 1000 carton blanks;
  • Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley ControlLogix, AB Kinetics Servo Drives, and AB PowerFlex AC Drives. 

The Flex 1 features servo drives for precise motion control and eliminates the need to synchronize bagger and cartoner. Designed for bag in box applications such as cereal, powder, grains, and bakery products, the Flex 1 is also suitable for IQF products or trays (HMR kits).