Blue Diamond Growers is increasing its almond flour production capacity with a new processing line set within the recently finished addition to the Salida (CA) Manufacturing complex. With almond flour demand at an all-time high, the additional capacity will serve national and global customers purchasing almond flour as an ingredient for finished goods, as well as those who repackage for retail distribution.

The design of Blue Diamond’s new almond flour production line is the first of its kind, with several advantages over previous system designs. The new system is optimized for efficiency, consistent quality and cost-effectiveness.

In addition, several significant technologies help Blue Diamond deliver the highest level of food safety assurance, including the company’s almond segregation process. A custom-designed enclosed conveyance system transfers almonds from one process to another, segregating raw almonds from pasteurized forms.

“At Blue Diamond, we’re leading the industry in setting food safety and product quality standards,” said Bill Morecraft, senior vice president for the Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division. “As demonstrated by the new flour processing line, we’re constantly improving our operations with new technologies and updated engineering. Our premium-quality almond products reflect the industry best-practices we’ve established in harvesting, storing and processing.”

The Salida Manufacturing Building is located on the company’s existing 44-acre site, which also includes other Blue Diamond processing and warehouse facilities. In fact, just last year the company debuted a state-of-the-art bulk storage warehouse at Salida, engineered to store up to 60 million pounds of almond meats.

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