Rondo Inc, representing the USA and Canadian markets, held the grand opening of its new “Dough How Center” in Moonachie NJ on August 15, 2017.

The new “DHC – NJ”  continues to deliver on its goal to expand the capability to be a showroom and test center for customers with its ever broadening range of machines and systems that Rondo provides.

With over 100 in attendance including many customers, local city and township officials, contractors and leaders from Rondo’s parent company in Switzerland, it was a day to showcase the company’s ability to offer services for not only equipment but Dough How & More.

The new DHC – NJ is over 7,000 square feet. It affords customers the ability to test on various sheeter models, transfer and cutting systems for donuts. It also has working examples of Rondo's makeup tables such as the renowned Starline and Polylines with many attachment packages. The center also houses two different croissant machines; Cromaster and Croissomat. The center also has its mid-level laminating line; MLC which is its “Modular Laminating Concept” that can be used to make laminated dough blocks and other fine Danish doughs that are further processed on the makeup lines. The center has the ability to mix doughs, proof and bake either in a rack oven or deck oven.