Company: NuturMe

Introduced: February 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $4.29-$4.49

Product Snapshot: NurturMe, the Tummy Friendly Brand known for its innovative quinoa baby food, is venturing beyond the baby and toddler categories with a new tummy friendly product lineups for the whole family. The new products appeal to health-conscious kids and adults of all ages, making NurturMe the first-ever complete family brand focused on gut health.

NurturMe Ancient Grain Cookies are the only gluten-free cookies with GanedenBC30 probiotic cultures which support digestive and immune functions and enhance protein utilization. Available in two varieties—Cocoa and Lemon-Honey—the NurturMe Organic Ancient Grain Cookies are made from 100 percent ancient grain flour containing no rice or wheat. Seven cookies deliver a complete daily serving of probiotics.

Organic Ancient Grain Cookies with Probiotics have an SRP of $4.29-$4.49, and are certified organic and kosher. They have no gluten, dairy, soy, or egg ingredients.