Blue Diamond has launched a new brand campaign—Take Back Your Crave—to inspire consumers to embrace their snack cravings.

The campaign comes at a time when snacking has become more prevalent for Americans than ever. Snacking can bring moments of joy, but can also leave consumers with “snacking guilt” as they struggle with the conflict between whether or not they should eat the snacks they want.

“To crave is human. But they say you're supposed to deny, control and fight your cravings. At Blue Diamond Almonds, we think differently,” said Blue Diamond senior vice president, global consumer division Raj Joshi. “With Blue Diamond Almonds you can Crave Victoriously. With this campaign we're putting a stake in the ground for conflicted snackers: ‘Don't deny your cravings. Eat them.’”

Blue Diamond offers more than 20 flavors of almonds – from bold varieties like Sriracha or Salt ‘n Vinegar to oven roasted varieties like Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel. With so many craveable flavors to discover and 5g of protein per serving, snackers don’t need to worry about sacrificing taste for a satisfying snack.

“Proving to consumers that they can satisfy their snack cravings with our almonds is an important opportunity for our brand, and we’re excited to see the next wave of growth that comes from disrupting the ‘cravings are a bad thing’ mantra and showing consumers that Blue Diamond provides the flavors you crave in a superfood,” said Joshi.

The brand relaunch and campaign, which rolls out nationwide in retail stores, TV and online today, hinges on celebrating cravings, flavor discovery, and the realization and revelation that our cravings’ conflicts can actually be a thing of the past.