Company: Ohly

Ingredient Snapshot: Ohly's PRODRY NGMOP dry condiments recently received the Non-GMO Project Verified seal of approval, following comprehensive evaluation by the independent organization. This means we can offer our customers a range of non-GMO powders with a full flavor profile for use in their own dry mixes and seasonings.

The five Non-GMO Project verified products are:

  • PRODRY NGMOP Honey Powder – a consistent honey flavor for use in glazes, sauces and beverages
  • PRODRY NGMOP White Distilled Vinegar Powder – produced using state of the art fermentation methods for snack coatings, meat rubs and marinades
  • PRODRY NGMOP Cayenne Pepper Sauce Powder – a rich, hot sauce made from selected aged cayenne peppers
  • PRODRY NGMOP Salad Mustard Powder – made from fresh salad mustard and easily adjustable for subtle or impactful flavors PRODRY NGMOP Dijon Mustard Powder – the well-known classic with the extra verjuice flavor kick that made it so popular across the United States

PRODRY NGMOP products are the latest additions to Ohly's PRODRY range, which is the result of decades of experience in taste ingredient development and production. All PRODRY free flowing powders have been specifically formulated to help bring together even the most difficult ingredients and are carefully calibrated to retain their intense aroma components for maximum flavor and exceptional taste.

Like all Ohly's dried flavors, PRODRY NGMOP condiments ensure consistency in food preparation and are easy to handle, with an extended shelf life compared to liquids.

Jan Bebber, global marketing director said: “Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding assurance about their food being non-genetically modified. Our PRODRY NGMOP range gives manufacturers the desired verification so they can meet this demand and create exciting new non-GMO verified products without compromising on flavor.”

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