For Sesotec, a manufacturer of machines and systems for contaminant detection and material sorting, the ambition to achieve more customer and market orientation is a main driving force in corporate strategy decisions and in branding. In this context the corporate website is the most important information, communication and interaction instrument, and was therefore created completely anew with respect to design, structure and content.

For the uniformity of content and brand design a new structure was developed that is based on the interests and usage behavior of customers. "Attractive pictures should immediately fascinate website visitors, because a user only remains on the website if the first impression really fits," explains Benjamin Manzenberger, senior online marketing manager at Sesotec's corporate headquarters in Schönberg and responsible for the relaunch. On the homepage the visitor can directly reach the "Industries" and "Products" pages, and can use a "Burger" navigation that allows quick orientation and leads to various sub-items. The new Sesotec website features Responsive Design, which means its flexibility ensures the same user friendliness on the computer desktop, tablet and smartphone, and the full content is quickly available for the visitor.

"The new website contains both short informative texts and also detailed articles. For example, we explain to our visitors where Sesotec systems can be used in their industries," explains Manzenberger. Many pictures and graphics are used to illustrate and supplement the texts. Links are used to inform the visitor about contents that also may be interesting for him.  

High-quality contents in multimedia formats, especially in the form of videos, whitepapers and case studies, with practical orientation make it possible for the customer to experience Sesotec competence in the complete value creation chain as a reference for his specific project and as a basis for his individual solution.

"Instead of only reading theoretical contents on the website, customers can really experience how contaminant management actually works in real operational practice," says Manzenberger. Case studies demonstrate which product inspection systems are available and where these can be used. Visitors furthermore have many possibilities to contact Sesotec, e.g. to reach the Service Center, or to arrange a visit date.

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