Company: Stratas Foods


Ingredient Snapshot: Stratas Foods has introduced Superb Select 1020 Shortening, a shortening made with non-PHO soybean oil with a substantial reduction in saturated fats and no hydrogenated fats on the label, at the annual Institute of Food Technologists Meeting and Expo. This new product has been in development by scientists in the Stratas Research, Development and Innovation Center since last year.

Superb Select 1020 Shortening offers a palm oil free solution with no hydrogenated fats for baking applications. The product lowers saturated fats by more than 40 percent versus conventional palm oil, while maintaining the structure needed for baking, and also protects both flavor and stability as it ages, eliminating three common issues bakers have with palm. Customers can also rest assured that Superb Select 1020 Shortening addresses sustainability issues since the fats used are sourced from soybeans.

“In the post-PHO world, the new focus is on reducing saturated fats. Stratas Foods got ahead of customer demand in creating Superb Select 1020 Shortening,” said Roger Daniels, vice president of research, development and innovation at Stratas Foods. “Now that we’ve solved the non-PHO baking issue, market demands for a shortening without hydrogenated fat on the label have increased. Products with lower saturated fats are the next big thing.”

As part of its commercial validation, Stratas has been introducing Superb Select 1020 Shortening to customers for use, where it has been met with enthusiastic review. In some bread applications such as dinner rolls, the product even improved performance, extending roll tenderness by several days.

“Superb Select 1020 Shortening is the ideal product for those customers who do not like the flavor profile or performance of palm and who would also like to reduce the saturated fats in their final products,” added Daniels.

Superb Select 1020 Shortening is the next step in innovations from Stratas Foods. In 2016, Stratas Foods introduced Apex, a unique non-PHO soy based shortening for more challenging baking, icing and donut applications. In 2016, Stratas Foods also introduced this product innovation for the food service area under the brand Sweetex Golden Flex for icing and Primex Golden Flex for all-purpose needs.

Stop by the ADM booth number S1202 for more information on Superb Select 1020 Shortening, Apex, Sweetex Golden Flex and Primex Golden Flex.