Company: Pak Group North America

Ingredient Snapshot: Bakery ingredient manufacturer Pak Group, through its North American brand, Bellarise, has introduced their dairy-free egg wash replacer: Bellarise Shine. With their new solution, the California-based baking ingredients producer is helping commercial bakeries achieve the ideal glaze, cut costs, reduce allergens, and go Non-GMO and clean label.

So, how exactly does Bellarise Shine do all of this? Cam Suárez-Bitár, marketing and public relations manager at Pak Group, provides some insight.

“Bakers finally have a choice. Up to now, commercial and industrial bakeries have had a very limited range to choose from when it comes to egg washes and high-quality egg wash replacers. Bellarise Shine gives bakers that consistent, unmistakable, and shiny glaze they’re always looking for, while helping them bake the breads that baby boomers and generations X, Y, and Z want,” according to Suárez-Bitár. Bellarise Shine is suited for use in a wide range of applications, including croissants, brioche, buns, and more.

Bellarise Shine also helps bakeries avoid the highly variable cost of eggs, simplify their process, and remove allergens from their breads’ labels, adds Suárez-Bitár. “According to a March 2018 article in the Washington Post, egg prices jumped 37 percent in the spring of 2018 when compared to the same period in 2017. The unpredictable nature of egg prices can be highly disruptive, and Bellarise Shine makes it easy for bakeries to control their costs. Its bag-in-a-box packaging and easy-pour spout also makes it very easy to use in any production system. In the end, we answer to our customers, not shareholders; when our customers told us that they needed an egg wash replacer that promises both quality and value, Bellarise Shine was our answer.” Bellarise Shine is Non-GMO, vegan, dairy-free, and clean label.

Bellarise Shine is available now in North America. Contact Pak Group directly for more information.