Company: Doran Scales Inc.


Equipment Snapshot: The Doran SS BC6500 provides complete formula control—with fast ROI and long-term value. From managing ingredient inventories to tracking product packaging, this system has the features and functionality to drive productivity, improve accountability, reduce downtime, and maintain pinpoint control—so you can accurately project financial return on every batch. 

Key Productivity features:

  • Prompts and process control for measuring bulk ingredients and ensuring that user-defined tolerances are met for each ingredient, every time.
  • Auto learning setpoint feature compensates for changing process inputs.
  • Traceability by batch ID, batch name, the step number, ingredient name, target weight and actual weight.
  • Can interface with existing load cells.
  • Utilizes SQL Express Database standard.
  • Designed and engineered by Doran to meet the highest performance standards.