Company: ProcessPro

Technology Snapshot: ProcessPro, ERP software solution company, is pleased to announce the release of its newest version, ProcessPro Global 11.2.

Global 11.2 is a comprehensive release incorporating client feedback and industry trends to offer a versatile and user-friendly ERP solution. Notable enhancements include a refreshed technology platform, enhanced user interface, updated menu options and feature sets, and new industry-leading integration partners.

As a recognized best practice in the software industry, technology refreshes allow ProcessPro to deliver new functionality, support more frequent releases, resolve limitations with software tools, and help our customers remain competitive. The greatest benefit of the technology refresh to the base framework that supports ProcessPro Global is that it provides end-users a streamlined experience when implementing future releases through simplified processes.

ProcessPro Global’s update also provides an enhanced interface. Users will benefit from easy menu navigation and greater flexibility when organizing menu functions, providing a familiar feel similar to standard business solutions. As well, new feature sets have been made available with the updated technology.

“Providing a comprehensive and intelligent ERP solution for batch process manufacturers requires continuous improvement, customer involvement, and a dedicated team of individuals to evolve and enhance the product; and these remain our driving force. We are happy to provide our clients with a solution that offers access to current technology and ease-of-use updates to enhance their day-to-day experience with ProcessPro,” stated Daniel Erickson, ProcessPro product strategy manager.