Company: Lehi Valley Trading Company

Introduced: July 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.99-$4.99

Product Snapshot: Always looking to employees for innovative ideas, Lehi Valley Trading Company is launching a line of high-quality, made-to-order Hispanic-inspired snacks. The snacks feature addictive spicy and tropical flavors to cater to a rapidly growing market. The line, called Delicias Gloria (or Gloria’s Delights) gets its name from a manufacturing employee, who developed the first product inspiring the line of snacks.

Lehi Valley’s head of manufacturing, who previously had experience working with Hispanic distributors, saw the potential for Lehi Valley to expand into the community with products the company could easily manufacture. He asked his team to bring forth any innovative ideas for a great Hispanic-inspired snack. One of his team members, brought in the most samples for consideration. The company will introduce her “Picante Tropical” trail mix, the inspiration for the product line, at a later date.

“Our employees have a lot of creativity and passion and sometimes simply asking for ideas is the best way a company can innovate,” added Frazier-Coleman, vice president of marketing. “The Freeman family [the company’s owners] have also had a real interest in adopting new savory flavors and incorporating new ethnic-inspired snacks, which was one of the reasons why Lehi Valley was ready to expand to the Hispanic-inspired flavors. The collaborative efforts of our Product Innovation team, our research on trends and consumer demand demonstrate how we strive to remain fresh and innovative for our customers.”

Consumer demand for ethnic snack flavors continues to increase, and according to market research firm IRI, the Hispanic community is the fastest-growing ethnic group nationally, spending more than $94.7 billion on consumer product goods annually.

  • CAPIROTADA. A dessert-inspired blend of salty peanuts, raw almonds and sweet and tart fruits.
  • PIÑA PICANTE. Sweet and tart pineapple tidbits coated in Lehi Valley’s own picante chili lime seasoning.
  • PICA DULCE DE FRESA. Sour Power Strawberry belts coated in Lehi Valley’s own picante chili lime seasoning.
  • MANGO PICANTE. Sweet mango spears coated in Lehi Valley’s own picante chili lime seasoning blend.