Company: Crafty Counter


Introduced: November 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $6.96-$7.99

Product Snapshot: Can you have superior taste, texture, balanced nutrition, global flavors, all in one bite, that all ages can enjoy? That's what a tech executive turned entrepreneurial mom set out to do.

After developing many recipes that were a hit with her own family of picky eaters, Hema Reddy founded Crafty Counter, to share her creations with today's mindful consumers. "Crafty Counter is all about getting crafty in what's served on your kitchen counter. We make eating veggies fun and interesting, by turning routine meals into different experiences that both kids and adults can enjoy hassle free, at the dinner table or on the go," said Hema.

Crafty Counter's first product is Wundernuggets, free from the top eight allergens (eggs, wheat, peanut, soy, fish, tree nut, shellfish, milk), has no preservatives, artificial ingredients or GMOs, and available in two varieties:

  1. Flexitarian Wundernuggets are the first of their kind nuggets made with about 50 percent chicken thighs and 50 percent plant based proteins, such as quinoa and chickpeas, and veggies such as cabbage, cauliflower, carrots. After many trials, Hema identified a single ingredient coating in the form of protein packed chickpea flakes. Flavors include Rosemary Chicken (mild, kid-friendly) and Cayenne Chicken (mildly spicy, adult-friendly).
  2. Plant Based Wundernuggets are the first and only lentils, beans and veggies based nuggets, fueled by the desire to create simple, minimally processed plant based foods. Hema used her culinary knowledge as a food blogger, to formulate unique flavors inspired from Mediterranean (Minty Lentil), Indian (Turmeric Lentil), and African (Harissa Bean) cuisines. They are also grain-free.

Recent reports show 62 percent of all households are trying to eat healthier, and nearly 55 percent are working to eat a balanced diet. This segment at NBC Studio 512 shares some simple family friendly recipes.

"Young consumers and millennial moms alike are seeking out bold and exotic flavors, in sustainable foods without compromise, and food manufacturers have to get creative in meeting their needs," said Hema.

Wundernuggets were first launched at Austin farmers markets in 2017 and positive consumer response led to distribution in natural stores like Central Market. Just recently, Wundernuggets hit the shelves of Walmart Inc. across thirteen states. Wundernuggets are also sold online at (new customers can use the code "FEELWUNDERFUL").

Crafty Counter just opened a seed round to invest into sales, marketing and hiring, and invites investors that are aligned with their mission and vision, to participate.