Company: Vintage Italia

Introduced: October 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.99 (6 oz. bag), $5.98 (20 oz. club size bag)

Product Snapshot: SNAX-Sational Brands’ Vintage Italia introduces Penne STRAWS as the newest addition to its successful product line of Pasta Snacks that includes Pasta Chips, Bow Tie Puffs and Disney BowTie Minis. Pasta Snacks has grown to be the go-to chip alternative.

The newest addition to the brand, the low-calorie, gluten free, pasta-shaped treat of Penne Straws, is seasoned to perfection and available in five tasty flavors including Cinnamon Churro, Lemon Garlic, Mac ‘N Cheese, Marinara, and Sweet Pepper. Made with all-natural ingredients inclusive of Lentils & White Beans, the snack is non-GMO, OUD Kosher certified, and cholesterol-free. Crafted from durum wheat semolina flour and farro, a higher protein grain for a more nutrient-dense product and baked with fine seasonings. The results are a robust taste and crispy texture throughout.

Penne Straw Flavor offerings:

  • Cinnamon Churro: A cinnamon-sweet, crispy treat that surprises and delights.
  • Lemon Garlic: An elevated and complex flavor profile of two classic flavors, with a bright finish
  • Mac N’ Cheese: Everyone’s favorite rich & creamy pasta dish in a lightly crunchy snack… kids love it too!
  • Marinara: Traditional Italian pasta-inspired comfort snack with delicious herb & tomato notes.
  • Sweet Pepper: The perfect combination of heat and sweet, inspired by the unique taste of peppers

They first were introduced at the 2019 Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago, where talk show powerhouse and self proclaimed ‘snack queen’ Wendy Williams was instantly hooked, remarking on-site, “Oh I love the Penne, and my favorite flavor is the Marinara. It tastes just like some penne marinara but as a crunchy snack, plus it’s low calorie, and delicious. Ummm, I’m sold! Sign me up!”