Company: Unifiller

Equipment Snapshot: DIOSNA Wendelmixers feature two counter-rotating wendel kneading attachments for dough. These kneading attachments rotate in opposite directions and are inserted from above to achieve higher efficiency and reduce dough mixing time! The kneading time is reduced in comparison to spiral mixers, producing dough in a shorter time. DIOSNA mixers produce optimal dough properties for better taste. Ideal for bread, sourdough, pizza dough and more.


  • Shorter mixing time
  • Fast dough sequence
  • Lower dough heating
  • Dough batches from 160 to 400 kgs
  • Standard clamps lock
  • Ground clearance for optimum hygiene
  • Painted version
  • Available in stainless steel on request


  • Bowl scraping device with temperature sensor PT100
  • CO2 cooling possible
  • Bowl drive M6-geared
  • Dosing nozzles
  • Touch panel control with frequency converter for tool and bowl motor

DIOSNA’s DIOStart bio-technology and highly-engineered plant technology offers dough expertise far superior than others when it comes to dosing, pre-dough preparation, mixing and hand-over logistics for industrial and commercial bakeries.

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