Company: Sternchemie

Ingredient Snapshot: For three quarters of the German population, being healthy means all-round wellbeing. More than half associate health with fitness and performance, and are willing to invest in it—especially through sport, but also with healthy nutrition. This is the conclusion of the Health Report 2020 by the Frankfurt Future Institute. According to the report, over half of all Germans regularly do sports and a good third take nutritional supplements in order to stay healthy.

Both for sports nutrition and weight management MCT fats are slowly becoming a key ingredient. For good reason—these medium-chain fatty acids with 8 to 12 carbon atoms have important nutritional benefits. They deliver instant energy, since the body can break them down and absorb them faster than long-chain fatty acids. They also promote fat reduction and support key processes in the brain for improved cognitive abilities. An advantage for athletes consuming MCT is the improved absorption of proteins or amino acids, as well as minerals like magnesium and calcium.

Sternchemie now offers BergaBest MCT oils as spray-dried, high quality powders with an MCT content of up to 70 percent. The new NutriStern MCT enables the usage in a broad variety of applications. For example, it is ideal for enriching powdered sports nutrition products or nutritional supplements for nutritionally conscious people. Whether beverage or bar, the MCT powder is very well suited to trend concepts like ketogenic and low-carb diets. It is easily dispersible and very declaration-friendly, with as few as two ingredients if need be. 

Sternchemie uses only natural, purely plant-based sources for the manufacture of NutriStern MCT. The company offers MCT powder made from sustainably cultivated RSPO certified palmkernel oil, or alternatively high-quality coconut oil. The neutral taste and smell allow a wide range of individual flavors in the final products. Another advantage is that the company’s MCT powders are GMO- and allergen-free.