From the moment the crisis erupted, Bill Paterakis and his Baltimore-based baking company sprang into action.

H&S Bakery is one of this country’s largest family owned baking companies, with affiliates including Northeast Foods and Schmidt Baking Co. Paterakis is President and CEO of the organization, which has bakeries in five states and distribution in 23 states.

Paterakis has led his teams in pulling out all the stops during the coronavirus pandemic. These efforts have included boosting production, meeting customer needs, serving communities, sharing best practices, and most importantly, keeping employees safe and motivated.

“Leaders have to provide leadership in a crisis,” said Paterakis, on American Bakers Association’s podcast Bake to the Future. “We needed to ease the fears of our staff and employees.”

Paterakis was joined by ABA’s Robb MacKie, president and CEO, who interviewed the baking leader and provided his own perspectives.

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