Recently, the American Bakers Association’s Membership voted for the group’s new slate of officers during the first-ever virtual All Membership Meeting.

The newest slate of ABA Officers will be led by longtime ABA Member and baking industry leader Brad Alexander, ABA’s new board chair and COO of Flowers Foods. “Brad is no stranger to ABA—having been involved with this organization longer than anyone on our staff, which is saying a lot,” said Robb MacKie, ABA’s President and CEO. "We understand his tenure as chair is starting during an unprecedented time, and know he will help expertly guide us as we navigate new territory.

"I'd also like to recognize the incredible leadership of ABA's Board of Directors," added MacKie. "Their insight, information, and recommendations are critical, now more than ever.

The 2020-2022 Slate of Officers was approved by the Membership:

Chair: Bradley K. Alexander, COO, Flowers Foods
1st Vice Chair: Cordia Harrington, CEO, The Bakery Cos.
2nd Vice Chair: William Quigg, President, Richmond Baking
Treasurer: Brian LeComte, COO, Gold Medal Bakery
Immediate Past Chair: Erin Sharp, GVP, Manufacturing, The Kroger Co.

For the past two years, ABA has had the honor of serving alongside Erin Sharp, ABA’s board chair and GVP of manufacturing from the Kroger Company. "The baking industry is thankful for her incredible leadership of ABA during these very tumultuous times," said MacKie.

“I am sure that we will find a way to celebrate Erin's many accomplishments very soon," said Brad Alexander, ABA’s chair and COO of Flowers Foods. "She has set a very high bar for me and future Chairs to try and attain.

Mr. Alexander has enthusiastically vowed to all ABA members to continue Sharp’s excellent work serving our Members, especially as we start to recover and come back from the economic challenges created by the pandemic. “Working with all of our Members and the ABA team, I am committed to helping bring every segment of the ABA membership roaring back,” said Alexander.