Valrhona has been inspired by the solidarity and resilience from the food community during the health and economic crisis. As part of the chocolate company’s efforts to support small, independent businesses and the industry as a whole, Valrhona invites all independent restaurants, bakeries, chocolatiers, pastry shops and other culinary makers to register for its new, interactive CakeWalk Map, launching, end April, early May 2020.

Valrhona’s CakeWalk is a resource to help connect people around North America with nearby, small businesses that are still operating using safe, socially distanced practices. In order to help the food and pastry community bounce back stronger than ever, businesses across the industry, not just Valrhona customers, are welcome to be included in the map. The company’s goal is to fill the map before Mother’s Day (May 10) so that people throughout the US and Canada can patronize local businesses during this important time for pastry. 

Valrhona needs your help to make an impact. Share this initiative through email, newsletters and social media posts to be part of the collective movement to rebuild our beloved industry. The more establishments that register to be on the map, the greater the buzz we can generate, and the more businesses we can help save together.


Here’s how you can get involved:

1.      Register your business if you are still open and taking orders.

2.      Share the registration link with your community of pastry chefs, chocolatiers, and local artisans.

3.      Once the map is live, share the map with your social media followers, friends and family to help get the word out.

Together we can help support our food community!

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