Company: General Mills Foodservice

Ingredient Snapshot: The new Di Prim ´Ordine Farina from General Mills Foodservice gives pizzerias and bakeries a premium, European-style flour that they can now get closer to home. The “00 Style” Pizzeria Premium Professional Flour is high-quality, untreated flour milled from a select blend of domestic hard winter wheat, making it a great option for hand stretching and a hot, fast bake.

Available in 27.5-pound bags, Di Prim ´Ordine Farina flour is easy for pizzerias to adjust to meet their formula needs. Beyond pizza, the new flour (with a name that translates to “first-class flour”) can be used to make a variety of baked goods and artisan breads.

“Our customers rely on General Mills for providing flour with tight specs that will help them yield quality and consistent results every time,” said Tom Santos, a longtime sales executive with General Mills Foodservice and member of the esteemed Doughminators—a team flour experts who help solve dough dilemmas. “We are so proud to offer Di Prim ´Ordine Farina, a premium, European-style flour that is grown and milled here in the United States and retailed in convenient-sized bags that make metric (kilo) conversion simple along with being easier to handle.”

Characteristics include:

  • 27.5-pound bag (12.5 kilos)
  • Milled from select varieties of wheat to ensure maximum consistency and baking performance
  • Tolerant to wood-fired ovens, perfect for Neapolitan-style pizza crust
  • Finely ground to “00” spec

For more information about the new Di Prim ´Ordine Farina flour and formulas, foodservice professionals can contact their General Mills sales representative or visit