Company: Apex Motion Control, Handtmann 


Equipment Snapshot: Looking for a new way to prepare pizza?

Apex Motion Control and Handtmann have collaborated to create a new way of preparing pizza dough. By combining Handtmann’s VF 838 S Vacuum Filler with Apex’s Baker-Bot, these two machines are able to separate pizza dough and load it onto trays automatically.

To make this possible, Handtmann’s VF 838 S Vacuum Filler first converts the raw pizza dough into separated pizza dough balls, then loads them onto a conveyor. Once the pizza dough balls are on the conveyor, Apex’s Baker-Bot quickly grabs a tray, then perfectly catches the dough as it falls off the conveyor. This unique partnership allows bakers to automate this part of the pizza dough production process, giving employees the necessary free time to focus on other tasks.

Want to get a closer look at what these machines can do? Check out this short video to see them in action: