Company: Tim Hortons

Introduced: July 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $0.33-$1.99

Product Snapshot: Tim Hortons recently introduced its newest Dream Donut & Timbits Donuts inspired by a Kellogg’s breakfast cereal favorite: the Froot Loops Dream Donut.

Froot Loops Dream Donut: a sweet doughnut featuring a strawberry icing base topped with colorful Froot Loops cereal and white icing drizzle.

Froot Loops Timbits: a citrus cake doughnut hole with a glazed exterior, covered with colorful crushed Froot Loop pieces.

The Froot Loops Dream Donut will be available at a recommended price of $1.99 and the Froot Loops Timbits at a recommended price of $0.33 at participating U.S. restaurants for a limited time.