Premium protein bar brand Battle Bars ups its support for America’s everyday heroes with a new project that gives individuals who continue to perform selfless acts the recognition they so deserve: Nominate a Hero. Envisioned to serve as a catalyst that will help unite the nation, Nominate a Hero underscores the positive changes brought about by continually dedicating one’s self to a purpose that serves others. 

“The program was started to bring local people together to nominate someone they believe is making a difference in their respective community. We believe that it’s important for us to rise up and recognize the local community heroes who are making positive impacts in their city. Motivation is a hell of a thing to have. Let it spread and watch our cities, and eventually, our country get better,” explains Alex Witt, Battle Bars’ CEO. 

In order to nominate a hero, all one has to do is go to Battle Bars website, click on Our Heroes, scroll down, and fill up the details needed. Once a hero is chosen, their name and information of their heroic acts will be put on the company’s website as well as on the inserts that come with every order of Battle Bars’ products.

“We are trying to build positive change within our communities and eventually our country! We want the names of all these heroes to be known across the US,” Witt adds.

Indeed, it’s time that Americans get to know and appreciate their heroes. Nominate a hero today by visiting