Company: Bart & Judy's Bakery

Introduced: September 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.50-$2.99

Product Snapshot: Bart & Judy’s Bakery, Los Angeles is resetting the snack marketplace with Bart & Judy’s Natural Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies, the first natural gourmet chocolate chip cookies to eliminate the gourmet price tag!

First invented in 1938, chocolate chip cookies have evolved from the kitchen to become the highest volume cookies in America. The problem is unless you’ve got the big bucks the only chocolate chip cookies available to you are a lower-quality, large corporation offering that are loaded with artificial ingredients and preservatives.

“Bart & Judy’s Natural Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies fill the gap that no other cookie has been able to fill” states owner, Bart Greenhut: “today, consumers are seeking more natural, products but, until now, “clean” chocolate chip cookies have been out of reach for the average family.”

Greenhut continues: “What’s more American than a great chocolate chip cookie? We believe everyone deserves wholesome, great chocolate chip cookies!”

Bart and Judy Greenhut (husband and wife team) overcame all barriers by applying economy of scale, founding the only bakery of its kind dedicated exclusively to clean and natural chocolate chip cookies!

Bart & Judy’s cookies are produced with real-food ingredients, such as creamery butter, mouth-watering dark, Belgian chocolate, eggs, Madagascar vanilla and contain no preservatives, artificial ingredients, or chemical additives.

Bart & Judy’s Gourmet, Natural Chocolate Chip Cookies are available in 2oz. and 3oz. “Snack-Packs. Each is produced with Fair-Trade Belgian Chocolate and fresh, natural ingredients.

Bart & Judy’s ships fresh and have a 12-month shelf-life.  Its newest all-natural offering will come in individual 2-oz packs, 48 packs per case. The estimated retail price per cookie pack ranges from $1.50-$1.99. The company also have 3-oz packs of the Homestyle Chocolate Chip that is perfect for micro-markets for $.796 cents a pack. The 3-oz can retail for $2.99.