Material Transfer & Storage (MTS), a business in the custom design and manufacture of bulk material filling, conditioning and discharging systems for dry powders and bulk solids, has unveiled a new service line to further enhance the customer experience.

Aimed at helping customers maintain their equipment and maximize performance, the service offerings consist of separately priced options for operator training, equipment evaluations, preventive and reactive service contracts, and remote equipment monitoring.

“Customers today are increasingly concerned about operational efficiencies and want as many precautions as possible to maximize uptime,” said MTS president Scott Nyhof. “Our new service line ensures that customers are armed with the knowledge and resources to keep their equipment up and running safely and efficiently.” 

MTS offers operator training, as well as customized inspections taking place on an agreed upon schedule. Additionally, MTS has developed a preventive service contract for routine, scheduled maintenance and a reactive service contract for training, warranty parts installation, diagnostics and more. Finally, MTS’ state-of-the-art remote equipment monitoring service eliminates the need for on-site service by providing MTS with the ability to monitor equipment health, operation and faults without needing to be on-site.

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