Company: Skinny Dipped Almonds

Introduced: October 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $4.99 (3.5-oz. pouch)

Product SnapshotSkinnyDipped has announced the launch of a line of thinly-dipped peanuts. SkinnyDipped Peanuts will be available in two nostalgic and spontaneously snackable flavors, Milk Chocolate and PB & J. This new line comes on the heels of a successful year of innovation for the rapidly-growing brand, including two new Almond flavors and a new line of Cashews. 

“Peanuts are often perceived as the ‘less than’ nut, but nutritionally there is much to love, including the fact they have an even bigger protein punch than almonds," said founder and chief of innovation Val Griffith. “We worked hard to give the peanut its day in the sun. Our goal was to capture what we loved about peanuts as kids—yummy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and that milk chocolatey peanuty candy—but in a much healthier way. These flavors are game-changers—they’re super fun, super crunchy and super nutritious!”

SkinnyDipped Peanuts deliver on the brand’s commitment to continually thread the needle between health and indulgence. Both varieties in the new line utilize premium crunchy Virginia peanuts cultivated from an accredited family farm in Virginia. Each boast 5g of plant-protein per serving and have half the sugar of comparable snacks. Like all SkinnyDipped products, they are also made with non-GMO ingredients, are gluten-free and have no artificial colors or flavors. Additional details include:

  • SkinnyDipped Milk Chocolate Peanuts: Just like you remember but with bigger crunch, bigger flavor and less sugar. Mega crunchy premium Virginia peanuts are thinly-dipped in creamy milk chocolate for a nostalgic, protein-packed lower-sugar snack to satisfy all your cravings.
  • SkinnyDipped PB & J Peanuts: It’s your favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich, without the bread! Mega crunchy premium Virginia peanuts are thinly-dipped in real strawberry – enjoy PB & J like a kid and a grown-up with this balanced, protein-packed/lower sugar snack.

“We love to push the envelope by taking something familiar and making it better, healthier and more delicious—it’s what we do best,” said founder and CEO Breezy Griffith. “With Peanuts, we took childhood favorites and brought them to life as an anytime snack that’s higher protein, lower sugar and absolutely delicious. We’re so excited to bring this new innovation to our consumers and can’t wait to hear what they think!”

SkinnyDipped Peanuts are now available on Amazon and with additional retailers to follow in 2021. All SkinnyDipped products, including Milk Chocolate Peanuts and PB & J Peanuts, are sold in 3.5oz pouches for an SRP of $4.99. SkinnyDipped’s family of products also includes four Almond varieties (Dark Chocolate Cocoa, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Lemon Bliss and Super Dark + Sea Salt) and two Cashew varieties (Dark Chocolate Cocoa and Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel). For more information, please visit