Company: Sattva Vida


Introduced: November 2020

Distribution: Regional

Suggested Retail Price: $8.00 (5-pack), $55.00 (40-count)

Product Snapshot: Introducing Sattva Vida (Pure Life/Sanskrit & Spanish) the pure essential, natural, energy bites that contain real food energy and will raise “snacking” to the next level! Whether you are “on the go” going to work, school, work-out or traveling, these energy bites are perfect and will give you that extra boost with clean and essential ingredients. Discovered in an Ashram, the recipe was brought back to offer everyone the opportunity to get their food energy from pure source. Made with natural ingredients that are vegan, gluten-free, no added sugar, and incredibly delicious. Price: 5-pack $8 and 40 Count $55 (Off the Walnut, Key Lime Love, Cocoa Craze or Peanut Envy Energy Bites). 

Sattva Vida is in select stores, coffee shops and yoga studios in the New York City area. They are expanding into regional and national markets. Their goal is to be in brick-and-mortar, online and in coffee shops everywhere and spread clean eating in the snacking food segment.