Company: Heavenly Puffs

Introduced: June 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $10.00 (for 28 pieces)

Product Snapshot: Heavenly Puffs bring the ancient Greek confection “Loukoumades,” to the modern era. They are like doughnut holes with a crunchiness on the outside and a unique fluffy, airy interior. These fried delights are made with all-natural ingredients served up in the authentic honey and cinnamon style or with toppings including chocolate, powdered sugar, Nutella, caramel, white chocolate, churro, jelly donut or just create your own.

With a unique recipe that preserves the texture, these sweet treats come frozen, ready to fry (or bake) on-demand making them a must-have for Greek Diners, restaurants, grocery stores, and markets. Heavenly Puffs can be found on FacebookInstagram, or by visiting