Whether there are toddler-sized tornadoes in their kitchens, or their kids have turned the living room walls into coloring books, parents know more than anyone that mornings can be tough. In fact, according to social media conversations, parents are 40% less positive about breakfast when it involves their kids. Eggo wants to turn that stat around in 2021. That's why the long-time family breakfast favorite is helping parents let go of the morning mayhem and embrace small wins with a year of waffle giveaways that help parents L'Eggo WITH Eggo.

"For years the 'L'Eggo My Eggo' slogan has been about conflict," said Laura Newman, marketing director, Eggo. "But in truth, Eggo is often the one thing parents and their kids can agree on during hectic mornings. That's why we've created a new tagline: 'L'Eggo With Eggo.' It's time for Eggo to embrace its role as the morning win that it is, because small wins can make parents feel like heroes."

Parents often hop on social media to vent about their morning mishaps, so this year, Eggo is partnering with a hype squad of celebrity parents including actress Melissa Joan Hart, US gymnast and entrepreneur Shawn Johnson East and pro football star Mark Ingram II to surprise parents with personalized social media videos that show solidarity and encourage them to L'Eggo With Eggo.

The brand will also be giving away one million waffles over the course of 2021 to help parents across America get that small win and turn messy mornings into some semblance of calm—even if it's just one moment of levity amongst the chaos. Follow along on Eggo's social media channels for details on how to claim a free box of Eggo Waffles on a first come, first serve basis. Because even in the middle of mayhem, Eggo is the one thing both parents and kids can rely on to go right in the morning.

Parents can also join the fun by using #helpmeleggo and sharing their own stories of messy mornings.

To learn more about how Eggo is helping parents L'Eggo of high-pressure mornings, visit LEggoWithEggo.com.