The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe. People in places that lack medical facilities are particularly vulnerable to the virus, especially those in war zones and crisis regions. The aid organization CARE has made a mission of providing emergency assistance in 69 countries to mitigate this threat. Syntegon’s 5,000-euro grant supports CARE’s efforts to deliver food and protect the health of people in the greatest need. This donation was prompted by a company social media campaign that ran for several weeks. Employees, business partners, and anyone else with an interest in the cause was welcome to take part and raise money for it.

CARE has earmarked some of the funds from Syntegon’s donation for aid packages to mitigate the pandemic’s impact on people in crisis regions. Shipments include hygiene kits with soap, detergent, and disinfectants for families as well as hand-washing stations for use in shelters. Other emergency relief packages contain cereals, legumes, and cooking oil for families in need. CARE also provides ready-to-use-therapeutic food to help malnourished children quickly regain their strength and restore their bodies’ ability to tolerate normal food.

Commenting on the company's grant, Syntegon spokesperson Patrick Löffel says, “As a specialist for processing and packaging technology, we stand by our customers in the pharmaceutical and food industries, who play a key role in surmounting the coronavirus pandemic. With this donation to CARE, we want to help feed and protect the health of people in need.”

The CARE Package has quite the history. Bought by one person and donated to another in a gesture of reconciliation, it saved lives after World War II when 100 million of these parcels were distributed. Founded in the USA in 1945, the CARE organization today strives to end deprivation, poverty, and social injustice around the world. CARE operates in many regions across the globe. In Bangladesh for example, it provides supplies to health centers and sponsors major COVID-19 education, water, and hygiene programs in the world’s largest refugee settlement, Cox’s Bazar. It maintains a hospital and many outpatient clinics in Syria, where it furnishes protective equipment, disinfectants, and much-needed medical supplies and supports health education programs for refugees.

Donata Wojcik, corporate partnership assistant at CARE, says, “Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Syntegon for helping CARE provide assistance to people in war and crisis zones, and particularly for supporting our corona emergency relief efforts. CARE is delighted to have gained a new corporate partner in Syntegon.”