Company: Wildway

Introduced: February 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $6.99

Product Snapshot: Same great taste, but with a new look! Wildway, a San Antonio-based natural food company, has launched its new packaging design for its grain-free granola line. The move comes after the company announced a sustainability initiative in the fall of 2020 to change all packaging to be made using post-consumer recycled plastics, rather than single-use plastics, by 2023 and opted to visibly reflect the change with more transparent packaging to showcase the unique flavors inside. 

“By redesigning our packaging, we are showing off Wildway in its truest form and doing what we can to contribute to a better, more eco-friendly environment,” said Wildway co-founder and CEO Kelli Koehler. “As of now, the number of new bags we've used made of post-consumer recycled materials, featuring the new design, equates to 2,368 milk jugs. When laid down, the plastic we are reusing would stretch over nearly seven football fields.” 

The new bag design also continues to reflect Wildway’s mission to get back to the wild via its promotion of recreation in the great outdoors and its makeup of the ingredients. Wildway uses only 100 percent real-food ingredients straight from nature itself, utilized as nature intended without added processing. 

“Transparency is huge for us at Wildway. Whether it’s being transparent with business decisions or being transparent with the ingredients we use, we never want customers to feel like they’re left in the dark,” added Koehler. “All ingredients we use will remain boldly displayed on the back of our packaging with the new addition of a visual representation of the ingredients added to the front of the bags for easier decision making when strolling the grocery aisles.”