Company: Love Good Fats


Introduced: March 2021

Distribution: National

Product Snapshot: Love Good Fats, a brand that makes low-sugar and keto products, is thrilled to reveal its new packaging and website, including a fresh new logo.

With the goal of continuing to drive retail distribution and inviting more consumers to try Love Good Fats' products, the company embarked on a new visual identity to evolve the look and feel of its brand. The new look began with a simplification of the brand's logo going from three fonts to just one and incorporating a modern pink band in the center of the three-word logo. The roll-out of the visual identity will begin with a packaging refresh. On the packaging, the modern pink band on the logo creates a stronger shelf presence as the band creates a powerful brand block on the shelf. The packaging also brings to life the benefits that consumers told the company that matter most to them - only 1-2g of sugar, and keto certified. While fresh and clean, the new packaging maintains key elements to ensure continued brand recognition while bringing a modern, playful touch to the table. 

In addition to the packaging redesign, the company undertook a complete overhaul of its website. The new website is clean, focuses on the brand's appetite appeal with the use of oversized close-up food imagery and features a new, more intuitive buying journey.

"The Love Good Fats team is excited to be launching this new look that honors the brand's legacy, while highlighting the brands' key benefits of low sugar, ridiculously delicious, and Keto Certified, to truly stand out both on the shelf and online," commented Suzie Yorke, Founder and CEO. "The new design is as beautiful as our products are delicious—ridiculously so!"

Founded just three short years ago by Suzie Yorke and a core team of passionate supporters, Love Good Fats has been a leading force in the move to reduce sugar and embrace good fats as an approach to more informed and balanced nutrition. They offer an alternative to the higher sugar, high simple carbohydrate snacks that have traditionally been the face of convenient snacking. Love Good Fats' "ridiculously delicious" original truffle style and Chewy Nutty bars boast only 1-2g of sugar and a hunger-satisfying blend of good fats from nut butters, coconut oil, and fiber. Love Good Fats are keto certified, Project Verified NON-GMO and filled with ingredients that are good for you.

The new website is now live in the United States and the new packaging will start rolling out on the shelf shortly.