Company: Frito-Lay

Introduced: March 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $4.29

Product Snapshot: Tostitos is committed to helping friends everywhere create unforgettable moments, fueled by America’s favorite snack staple, Tostitos chips and dips. To celebrate that love of chips and dip and everything people love to do with their friends, Tostitos has launched a new campaign, “For the Love of Chips and Dip and…” and are teaming up with comedic duo Kate McKinnon and Dan Levy. Whether it’s doing karaoke and getting the lyrics wrong or analyzing plot holes in bad movies, when a couple of friends gather with Tostitos chips and dips, fun moments are bound to happen, and McKinnon and Levy aim to put a spotlight on those moments within a moment that make them memorable.

As a part of the campaign, Tostitos celebrates the quirky ways the friends connect with one another, with the launch of its spiciest chip yet—Tostitos Habanero. Seasoned with real habanero pepper, the new chips offer a pop of spice in the fan-favorite bite-size shape. In a new Tostitos commercial, which debuts on television and online this weekend, McKinnon and Levy share their takes on Tostitos Habanero’s level of spice—one-upping each other as good friends would with more and more hilarious descriptions of the new chip, in ways only these two comedic stars can. 

Fans are invited to join in on the fun through an interactive Snapchat lens, creating an opportunity for them to ‘one-up’ their friends, just like Levy and McKinnon. Fans can access this lens on Snapchat beginning April 6.

McKinnon and Levy will also star in a second commercial for Tostitos that illustrates their own funny and memorable moments together. The commercial, which begins airing on television and online on April 3, showcases the all-too-relatable experience of debating with a friend—through facial expressions, body language and Tostitos that only close friends can recognize—over who needs to tell the new guy that he has a salsa stain on his shirt. The theme is meant to celebrate the unspoken bonds that only true friends have.

“Tostitos’ ambition is to fuel togetherness and help bring people closer to those they love by telling the stories of connections friends share and things they love to do together,” said Anya Schmidt, senior director of marketing, Frito-Lay North America. “This new campaign with Kate McKinnon and Dan Levy showcases some of the ways that these moments are made, all while enjoying Tostitos chips and dip.”

Tostitos Habanero is now available at retailers nationwide for $4.29 for a 11 oz. bag. To learn more about Tostitos and the “For the Love of Chips and Dip™ and…”, please visit or follow the brand on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.