The ECOCERT Group is strengthening its position in Europe and gaining access to the Benelux market through its integration of CERTISYS. The Group is thus pursuing its strategy of external growth through the acquisition of long-standing, independent certification bodies committed to organic agriculture.

This move will enable CERTISYS to consolidate its position as the leading body for organic certification in Belgium and accelerate its development in the Benelux region. CERTISYS will expand its range of services by deploying the ECOCERT Group’s unique catalogue of environmental and sustainable services and certifications.

ECOCERT and CERTISYS are both pioneers of organic certification, becoming the leaders in their respective markets—France and Belgium. Since their beginnings, they have shared the same vision of organic agriculture.

Part of the Belgian organic movement during the 80’s, Blaise Hommelen took part in setting up the ECOCERT Group and started his own company in 1991. Thanks to his dedication, CERTISYS has grown to become a local and international leader in organic certification. It now has over 3,200 clients.

The ECOCERT Group is deeply committed to environmental protection and social responsibility. Since 1991, it has been putting forward solutions to promote best environmental and social practices in various sectors (agri-food, cosmetics, textiles, etc.). It offers high-quality services, adapted to each country, through international subsidiaries with a local presence. The ECOCERT certification brand is recognized worldwide by consumers for choosing demanding standards and for the quality of its guarantees.

"After forty years of commitment to organic agriculture, we want to accelerate the development of our activities. Joining the ECOCERT Group, whose values  we share, is a fantastic opportunity to enhance our international presence and reinforce our expertise to fulfil our vocation as an organic certification body. We are delighted to be able to offer our clients access to ECOCERT services, meaning they are able to access new markets," explains Blaise Hommelen, the founder of CERTISYS.

Philippe Thomazo, CEO of the ECOCERT Group, declares: "The arrival of CERTISYS in the ECOCERT Group is excellent news. Our companies are very close, and the ECOCERT Group’s company purpose—"Act for a sustainable world"—is enhanced by this operation. We are very excited about welcoming the CERTISYS teams on board and deploying all our services in the Benelux region."

Thomazo, new director of CERTISYS, appointed Franck Brasseur to run the company as general manager. Franck had joined the senior management team in 2018 and he will be accompanied by Blaise Hommelen, the company’s founder, for a transition period lasting a few months.

Within the ECOCERT Group, CERTISYS is joining the France, UK & Benelux region, managed by Thierry Stoedzel.