Tröegs Independent Brewing and Unique Snacks, two Pennsylvania-based family-owned and operated businesses with a shared passion for fresh ingredients and flavorful combinations, have partnered together to create a Better Together fall campaign that pairs refreshing craft beers with delicious signature pretzels. The selected pairings offer consumers a celebration of local grains and distinctive flavors that commemorate Pennsylvania’s rich agricultural history.

“We’re Pennsylvania natives,” says Tröegs founding brother and brewmaster John Trogner. “That’s a big part of our identity. So it’s natural for us to partner with another family-owned Pennsylvania maker. Both of us geek out on taking ingredients and making something delicious, and those two things happen to taste great together. That’s the kind of partnership that just makes sense to us.”

As independent family-owned businesses, both Tröegs and Unique Snacks have a history of focusing on what is best for co-workers, customers and retail partners, as well as a sense of commitment to the broader community. That family business focus, combined with their respective histories of providing consumers with refreshing craft beers and flavorful pretzels, created a natural synergy.

“Tröegs’ devotion to the art and science of brewing refreshing beers using only the finest ingredients, including some from right here in Pennsylvania, matches our devotion to creating healthy snacks with more flavor using fewer ingredients and smarter baking,” stated Justin Spannuth, chief operating officer of Unique Snacks. “The Better Together campaign is all about offering customers a variety of distinct, refreshing flavors and textural characteristics that create perfect pairings.”

Together, Tröegs and Unique tasted numerous combinations to identify the best pairings that enhanced the flavors of the craft beers and pretzels. Better Together will be available in states that allow for food and alcohol promotions in the Northeast, Midwest and South regions of the U.S. and will run from August 30th through October 31st. The pairings, including a couple of unexpected twists, are:

  • Perpetual IPA with Original Splits | Crispy, Crunchy, Citrusy
  • Troegenator Double Bock paired with Extra Dark Splits | Bold, Dark, Malty
  • Lucky Holler Hazy IPA with Sourdough Craft Beer Pretzel Rings | Malted Barley, Tropical Pineapple
  • Sunshine Pilsner with Pretzel Shells | Crisp, Snappy, Refreshing
  • Haze Charmer Haze Pale Ale with Multigrain Splits | Savory Grains, Juicy Pineapple

Retail partners continue to join the roster of participants in the Better Together campaign. To learn more about Tröegs Independent Brewing’s beers, brewery or dining offerings, visit To learn more about Unique Snacks and its variety of healthy snacks made with fewer ingredients and more flavor, visit