Since March 22, 2020, the Insights team at Glanbia Nutritionals has conducted continuous proprietary COVID-19 consumer research to gain a greater understanding on what consumers are buying, what they’re eating, how they’re exercising, and other ways in which consumer trends are shifting. Its monthly COVID Consumer Tracker covers behavioral and attitudinal questions about product consumption, channel purchases, grocery spend, foodservice visitation, exercise level, and more. Through this research, Glanbia Nutritionals has a pulse of how the pandemic will continue to shape food and beverage consumer behavior in the future. 

Major findings from this research include how COVID-19 has impacted Glanbia’s food and beverage MegaTrends (“Generation Me,” “Building a Lifestyle,” “Ultra-Personalization,” “Sustainability Matters” and “Sense-ational”) and the minitrends that have seen the most change over the past year. For 2021, Glanbia’s megatrends and minitrends have not necessarily changed, but the way in which consumers experience and engage with many of them did.

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