Wherefour ERP and traceability software now is integrated with Shopify, allowing users to automate order, inventory, and fulfillment workflow while maintaining full traceability to individual customers. 

The Wherefour integration allows Shopify users to lessen their workload with automatic direct data transfers that reduce time spent managing individual orders, fulfillment, and traceability. Wherefour updates Shopify store inventory levels automatically as orders are fulfilled, and automated low inventory alerts and re-ordering features mean less time spent on inventory management, said Matt Brown, founder and CEO. 

Wherefour’s kitting formulas simplify creation of inventory that is assembled as needed and enables bundling product into multi-packs and other configurations. Having easier ways to bundle products into new SKUs helps with upselling additional items to customers, Brown said. 

“The pandemic drove a lot of companies to add or beef up online selling. That is not changing as the economy opens up, but it’s a lot of small orders to keep track of and integrate into other production needs,” he said. “This integration lightens the added workload and also makes it easier for manufacturers to get direct-to-consumer sales up and running.”

More information about Wherefour is available at wherefour.com or by calling 415-930-4028.