Company: SaltWorks

Ingredient Snapshot: SaltWorks has introduced Pacific Blue Micro and Mini Flake Sea Salt, trailblazing finishing salts for manufacturers.

In the past, food manufacturers were fated to use ordinary, cube-shaped grains of salt to achieve the salty flavor consumers have grown accustomed to in their snack foods. Not only was more salt needed to attain the ideal savory taste, but naturally lowering sodium to appeal to consumers’ desires became an immense hurdle. 

Now, thanks to SaltWorks’ innovation, food industry leaders can have it all: low sodium and amplified flavor. The hollow, pyramid shape and the soft texture of Pacific Blue Micro and Mini Flake Sea Salt come with many benefits. 

The flakes more easily adhere to food, allowing less salt to go to waste in the manufacturing process. Additionally, their razor-thin, feather-like nature causes them to instantly dissolve the moment they hit your tongue. 

“The unique 3D structure of Pacific Blue Micro and Mini Flake Sea Salt allows you to use less salt without sacrificing the natural salty bite consumers expect,” said Mark Zoske, founder and CEO of SaltWorks. “It’s a major game-changer for food manufacturers that they no longer have to forgo flavor to gain healthier sodium levels.” 

While both are sourced from the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of South Korea, the flake sizes are each unique. Micro Flake Sea Salt has a delicate, powder-like texture, making it ideal for fried foods such as popcorn, nuts, and other snacks. Alternatively, Mini Flake Sea Salt is light and crunchy, so it’s perfect for tortilla chips, pretzels, crackers, and spice rubs. 

All-natural and chemical-free, Pacific Blue Micro and Mini Flake Sea Salt is an unparalleled option for clean-label ingredient salts for food manufacturers and processors who want to reduce sodium, waste less, and provide their customers with a salty delight. To learn more about Pacific Blue Micro and Mini Flake Sea Salt, call (800) 353-7258 or visit